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A Forum for Writers?


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I would be really interested to read those kinds of musings. Anyone else want to chime in?

I have had writer's block since my breakdown, but the other day I found some hardcopies I thought I lost. I would post some things to see what people think. Not saying they are good though.
A forum for writers would be a relatively unique and very welcome addition. There are facebook groups and other sites for writers (I'm somewhat active in two), but I think one here would have a lot of advantages.

I have one request now -- please fix the spelling in the thread title.


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Nice idea but as a writer, a poet or a musician I should improvise. I'm more the reader/listener type. Moreoiver I don't speak English Sorry. :rolleyes:


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I've added new sub-forums to The Arts section. I've tried to keep it as broad as possible within categories by creating thread pre-fixes for you to select your topic. In addition to the dropdown thread pre-fix, tags are another great way to help further define your thread (fiction, non-fiction, etc). Please let us know if you have any difficulties or find something missing that you need to define your thread topic.